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Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be puzzling to figure out. Why is it happening to me? What all could be triggering my migraine headaches? How do I make my migraine headaches go away and never come back?

Migraine headaches can be very difficult to treat because they can have so many different causes. This is where Asian medicine excels. An acupuncturist is able to figure out what your individual pattern is and treat each person differently.

One client came to me because he was just starting to feel a cluster migraine coming on. He regularly developed these cluster migraines every 18 months. In the past, every cluster migraine would knock him out for a week with extreme pain. Laying down would only make it worse. He had tried chiropractic care, but this only increased his symptoms. I did acupuncture and reiki only on his feet. This one treatment was enough to stop the cluster migraine in its tracks. He returned to his family and was able to work the next day.

I have another client who came to me because she had suffered from a headache with associated nausea and memory loss for over a year and a half. During her menstrual period she would experience the stabbing pain of a migraine headache in addition to her other symptoms. She had been to an MD, a DO, and even a neurologist. She was on various medications, most of which she had unfavorable reactions to. She found me because I do battlefield acupuncture. Her brother is a doctor in the army and he tried battlefield acupuncture on her and she got great results. Unfortunately, he was just visiting her so she looked for someone to continue treatment. She found me. I was able to continue treatment with her and also introduced her to other types of acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. After working with me for 6 months her symptoms improved so much she was able to get a better job and reduce her medications.

Sometimes we use different tools to help our clients. For example, I had a high school student come to me for help. Every day her head hurt. She had trouble concentrating in school and often she developed migraines that would keep her at home so she couldn’t even attend school. She had been to various doctors who gave her medication, but it didn’t help much. At best it put a bandaid on her problem and didn’t fix it. After looking at her results from her heart sound recording I could see that she still was suffering from the effects of a concussion suffered a couple of years before. I put her on the concussion protocol to support her brain healing. She also was in stress mode because she had been ill for so long. We did acupuncture to help her body relax. Between the two protocols she was back at school with no headaches and was dealing much better with her stress. She was soon exceling at school again and switched to a school that offered college courses.

You can see that even if you have tried various doctors you still have hope. Don’t give up!

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