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How to get the most out of your acupuncture visit

So, you’ve decided to give acupuncture a try.  Here are some complementary things to do to get superior results.

calming acupuncture treatment

  1. Turn your brain off during your treatment. Many people succeed at this if they meditate, pray or nap while on the table.
  2. Think positive. Have you heard of athletes visualizing scoring a goal before their game?  Visualize yourself healthy and happy.  How does your body know what you expect if you don’t tell it?
  3. Rest after your treatment. Don’t go to the gym or go out to happy hour.  Go home and take it easy.  Your body is doing extra work to heal and balance.  Support the healing with rest.  Exercising or partying will add stress to your body and you won’t be able to achieve as high a level of healing.
  4. Drink lots of water. Water will help transport toxins out of your system released from your acupuncture treatment.  If you receive cupping, gua sha or tui na you will need even more water as your lymph system tries to move toxins out of your body to facilitate healing.
  5. Eat nutritious food. Avoid greasy, processed or sugar laden food.  These will add stress as you body tries to digest.  Support health by eating colorful, whole foods.
  6. Schedule your next appointment. Acupuncture works best if you are treated more frequently at first.  Each acupuncture treatment builds on the one before.  Work together and listen to what your acupuncturist recommends.  They want you to heal and get good results.

By being intentional in supporting your acupuncture treatment you will heal faster and more completely.  You are investing your time and money, why not do it right and get the best results possible?

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