The answers to most of the frequently asked questions about acupuncture

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

The needles we use are tiny. They about the size of a human hair. Usually we can offer painless insertion, especially if you voice your concern of pain. We do take care that once all the acupuncture needles are inserted that you are in complete comfort and if any needles are bothering you at this time we can adjust or remove them as necessary.

Is acupuncture safe?

We always use disposable needles once and follow established rules of clean needle technique. The side effects most commonly reported are a small amount of bruising or bleeding at the site of needle insertion. (Not Common) However, an untrained person can cause injury with acupuncture needles. Please check that your acupuncturist is licensed by your state. In Colorado that would be through the Department of Regulatory Agencies.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

There are many different ways to explain the working method of acupuncture. Honestly western researchers are still trying to figure it out. Some say it works by releasing Nitric Oxide. Some say it causes micro disturbances that encourages your own body to heal itself. Some say it works with energy currents that flow through the body. Ask us for an energy assessment so you can see the energy flowing through your body organized by your 12 energy channels. This is the most visual way for us to communicate how your energy is balanced/unbalanced and how we will use acupuncture to bring your energy and health back to balance so you can achieve greater health.

Why would I choose Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a natural, non-invasive way to treat many diseases including pain. It is a good thing to try before surgery or instead of drugs. In many cases we can help you with your symptoms so you can work with your doctor to use less or no medication if that is your goal. We can also support your health before and after surgery so you heal faster and with less pain.
Many find that acupuncture and Chinese herbs can help with symptoms that your doctor may not have tools to treat.

I’m sick, should I cancel my appointment?

We can usually help your cold symptoms go away faster and be less intense, especially if you come in for a treatment at the first sign of getting sick. If you feel it is unwise for you to get to your appointment, please call our office. There may be herbs that a friend/family member can pick up for you to help you feel better from home.

How do I know if acupuncture will help me?

There are no guarantees, but acupuncture and herbs has been used as the main form of medicine in Asia for thousands of years. Thus, they have encountered, studied and treated most diseases. Please ask for a consult with one of our acupuncturists if you have specific questions about your health.

How long before I’m better?

Effects of acupuncture are cumulative. Each treatment builds on the one before. You will see results lasting longer and longer after each treatment. For this reason, we recommend you start with 2-3 visits a week for the first couple of weeks so we can help get your condition under control. Then we work to find your maintenance schedule of acupuncture to help keep you well and avoid getting hurt/sick again. For most this is once every 2-4 weeks.

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