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What To Expect

Even though the practice of acupuncture has been around for over two thousand years, it is fairly new to us in the West. Many people often wonder what to expect during their first treatment, and many are often scared that acupuncture might hurt. At our clinic, we use very thin needles that are about as thin as a strand of thread or thinner than a sewing needle. The insertion is almost always pain-free, and if there is any discomfort, it is only a momentary pinching sensation that quickly dissipates. Once the needles are in, most patients can feel a variety of feelings ranging from: the movement of energy in their body, extreme relaxation, the dissipation of pain, etc.

Before Your First Acupuncture Treatment

Before you come in for your first Acupuncture treatment, please keep in mind the following:
In Chinese Medicine we use the tongue as a diagnostic tool, so please refrain from scraping your tongue or eating foods that will stain the coat of your tongue.
We often use points that are on the lower arms and legs, so wearing loose fitting clothes will help your practitioner to easily access points in these areas.
Try not to come in on an empty stomach or just after a big meal.
Please keep in mind that you will most likely see results after the first treatment, but further treatments will likely be necessary to further improve your condition.

Your First Consultation 

During your first consultation, you will be asked many different questions ranging from “How are your energy levels?” to questions on your digestion and bowels. These questions will help your practitioner understand how your body and mind are functioning, which will help us to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Each treatment plan is individualized and unique for each patient, because just as every person is unique, every patient will have had a slightly different road to the same disease. So even if you were referred by someone with the same disease or diagnosis by a Western Doctor, results may be seen quicker or it may take longer in certain cases. This is all because we are trying to solve the root cause of disease instead of treating only the symptoms of disease.

Advanced Health Assessment

You may be coming for acupuncture because nothing else has worked. Maybe you have tried drugs or surgery and you are still in pain. Maybe you have gone to visit your MD and they have told you nothing is wrong –“it’s all in your head.” However, you know something isn’t right.

We offer our advanced health assessment for every new client. We will assess your energy balance with our computer and listen to your heart valves to give you an accurate nutritional assessment. We are a great alternative because we look at your health a different way than your MD. We can find the root of your concern and come up with a specific treatment plan for you so you can feel better as quickly as possible.

By working with you from a multifaceted approach (acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition) you will achieve lasting health from the inside out.

Treatment Plan and Treatments

Once your practitioner has diagnosed you, they will also come up with a personalized treatment plan for you. These treatment plans will include: an estimated number of acupuncture treatments needed for your condition to improve, herbs, and diet and lifestyle modifications.

Besides acupuncture, treatments will often be supplemented with other modalities which can include:

  • Cupping – a technique in which glass cups with a vacuum seal are placed on the skin to improve circulation, reduce muscle knots and tension in a local area
  • Tuina – is a Chinese Medical Massage, and is used to relieve muscle tension, calm emotions and activate acupuncture points.
  • Gua Sha – is a technique that involves the vigorous rubbing of the skin in a local area to improve circulation and function.
  • Reiki – is a Japanese technique that involves energy. It is used to reduce stress, and promote healing and relaxation.
  • Ear/Auricular Therapy – is a microsystem that is similar to the microsystems used in hand/foot reflexology
  • And more
  • Each one of these extra modalities are added on at no extra cost.

After Your Treatment 

After your first treatment, most people often feel relaxed, sleepy, and calm. Some patients may also feel a little disoriented because of the sometimes drastic, reduced levels of pain, stress, anxiety, etc. It is also advised that after your treatment, you refrain from drinking alcohol or engaging in vigorous exercise for at least a few hours.
Also, if you do receive Gua Sha or Cupping during your treatment, you will have some temporary red marks on your skin which will dissipate in a few days.

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