Why should I treat my traumatic brain injury with acupuncture?

Why should you treat your traumatic brain injury with acupuncture?  Acupuncture can help you recover faster and more fully from your brain injury.  Think about the doctors that have been helping you. They can prescribe medication, rehabilitation therapy or surgery.  These things might help, but what if they don’t help get you as far and as fast as you would like to recover? What if the medication or rehabilitation isn’t working for you?

Did you know that your brain is electrical?  Electricity is energy, this is what acupuncture manipulates.  If you are struggling making electrical connections in the brain, wouldn’t it make sense to go to an electrical specialist?  Acupuncture works by ensuring the smooth flow of electricity throughout your whole body. It can help with such symptoms as headache, migraine, fatigue, dizziness, neck pain, difficulty concentrating and confusion.

Recovery from a traumatic brain injury is very individual.  If you or a loved one would like to return to health faster, why not try an ancient medicine that has almost no side effects?


Rebecca Baker L.Ac ACN has been practicing Oriental Medicine and nutrition in Castle Rock, CO since 2012.  She specializes in TBI and migraine.

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