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Avoid Colds and Flu

As we move into the start of school I’ve been thinking about how I can help my clients avoid colds and flu this season. Our immune system is a wonderful thing when it runs optimally. But, what about people who seem to “catch” all the bugs that are going around?

I’ve noticed that three things seem to influence our bodies abilities to stay healthy. Sleep, stress and diet play a huge role in whether we can avoid colds and flu.

How do we know if we are getting enough sleep? Answer one question: Do you wake feeling rested? If the answer is No, come in for a visit. I bet we can get down to the root of the issue and can help you start getting better sleep, so you can stay healthy.

We all have stress. Some stress is good, like the stress of waking up and getting out the door to go to your job or school. I listen to my clients and if they tell me that they have trouble “settling down” or “turning off”, I know that they could be stuck in “fight or flight” mode. Unless we can work together to switch that off and help them achieve “rest and digest” mode, their body won’t be working to repair and fortify their natural defense to keep them healthy.

Diet can be the easiest thing to recognize there is an issue but can also be the hardest thing to switch. For many of us food is associated with our emotions. Some of us feel we don’t have time to plan, shop and cook the foods we know will support our health. Our food supply is changing rapidly. If you have read ingredient lists and compared how many “foods” listed on the box are unrecognizable with those you recognize as food, you know that food we find in the grocery store is filled with chemicals that could be hurting our health.

By working with a health professional, you can address the root cause and start a lasting change that will help you fight off colds and flus this year and into the future.

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