Acupuncture Associates of Castle Rock

Accepting appointments for online treatments and consultations.

Questions regarding our new operating procedures due to COVID-19

Is your clinic open? The clinic is closed for treatments. However, we have a dropbox for you to pick up herbs, supplements, topicals, and supplies needed for acupuncture at home.

Are you still practicing acupuncture? Yes, we will work with you so that we all can stay safe. Our new acupuncture procedure involves the following: You pick up our acupuncture pack which includes safety acupuncture needles and sanitary wipes from our dropbox. Then we use an online platform to meet. Rebecca will ask you questions and look at your tongue. She will come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan for you. She will walk you through the easy process of applying the safety needles. (This is like applying a band-aid.)

What else are you doing to support your clients at this time? Rebecca will also make appointments for online herbal consultations. She can also show you how to use moxa at home to boost your immune system. She also will do long-distance reiki treatments to help you manage stress and complement your acupuncture treatment.

How are you supplying herbs and supplements to clients? The herbs and supplements can be shipped to your house or you can pick them up from our dropbox. You can set up an online consultation to go over your protocol with Rebecca to make any adjustments or you can text or email her a list of needed items. If you would like to order the items for yourself let Rebecca know and she can set that up for you with Standard Process (and Mediherb), DAO Labs, Xymogen or Designs for Health.

What should I do if I feel I am getting sick? Text the office right away. Rebecca will set up an online consultation with you as soon as possible and you can have a friend or family member pick up your prescribed herbs and supplements. The sooner and more aggressive we are with treatment, the less likely your illness will progress to emergency status.

What should I do if Iā€™m having trouble breathing? Call your medical doctor or 911.

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