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3 Little Utilized Tips to Stay Peaceful over the Holidays:

It is ok to say “NO”
You have to look out for your own well-being. If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, look at your schedule. You may be overbooked. Don’t feel you are being selfish if you need to turn down social events this time of year. Just be honest with yourself and your friend. It is okay to plan a night with your feet up and your pajamas on.

Look after your digestion.
Eating too much food and/or drinking too much alcohol this time of year not only affects your waistline it can cause insomnia and heartburn. Try eating a high protein and fat snack, such as almonds or an avocado before you go to an event. Eating bitter food such as arugula first will also help get your digestion started. If none of this sounds doable, stop by our clinic for some microgard. You take this Asian herb when you over eat/drink and it helps move things through your digestion, so you can sleep and don’t get heartburn.

Take time for yourself
Go for a walk outside everyday or set up your own time for quiet prayer or meditation. Exercise is a must to maintain health and keep your brain from getting foggy. A quiet practice of breathing daily will help with focus and reduce anxiety and stress. Acupuncture will also help you relax and turn off the “flight or fight” and put you into a state of “rest and digest.”

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