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Have you been struggling with your health? Do you feel like no doctor has found the root cause of your illness? Are they just putting a band-aid on a problem that you want to fix?

Acupuncture restores your vital life energy, supports your body’s natural ability to heal, and relieves pain so effectively it’s recommended by Western medicine practitioners as one of the first lines of treatment.

Dr. Rebecca Baker DACM, at Acupuncture Associates of Castle Rock has extensive training and experience in acupuncture, using it to heal a wide range of health problems. They promise you will leave feeling better than when you first came in. To learn more about acupuncture or to schedule an appointment, use the online booking feature or call the office in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Acupuncture Associates of Castle Rock


At Acupuncture Associates of Castle Rock, we offer a variety of specialties to care for your body.

About Dr. Rebecca Baker DACM, L.Ac., ACN

Rebecca has been practicing acupuncture and Oriental herbal medicine in Castle Rock, CO since 2012. She graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is board certified and licensed to practice acupuncture in Colorado. She earned her Applied Clinical Nutrition certificate in 2019 from Texas Chiropractic College. Rebecca is a member of the faculty in the Masters program at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has completed level II training in Usui Reiki.

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New Patients

Here at Acupuncture Associates of Castle Rock we love to help those who either want to avoid drugs and surgery or those who are at their last resort. We excel at digging deep and finding out the cause of symptoms. It doesn’t matter if you have a medical diagnosis or not. We collect your health history, any bloodwork or pictures your MD has taken and uses her own computer assessments to treat you as an individual so you experience quicker, more complete healing.

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