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Call Us Today for a Free Consultation!
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Rebecca you are my go to person for anxiety, stress, tension, sleep problems, immune boost before flying ... the list goes on!!!  Thank you Rebecca!
You changed my life the other day with my first time appointment.  I have never felt so good and with such immediate results!  I have been sleeping better, my knees have felt better, I even started my cycle the day after our appointment.  It has been the most painless cycle I've ever had in my entire life that alone would be life changing.  I just wanted to thank you so much for the time you spent with me and for helping and healing my body after everything I've been through.    

I have sought treatment from Rebecca for various health concerns over the past three (+) years, including migraines, anxiety, smoking cessation, and stress management.  Rebecca is kind, compassionate, and takes time to listen to my concerns.  For me, acupuncture is highly effective, minimally invasive and without side effects.  Rebecca has proven herself a skilled healthcare professional and she is my first call when I have an ailment, whether it is a common cold or chronic pain.
-Kim V.

Rebecca is a caring and proficient acupuncturist.  She is skilled in many different areas, specializing in digestive issues and stress, which is why I went to see her.  I've had 2 treatments so far and they both yielded a good amount of stress relief leaving me feeling very "zen" afterward for the rest of my day.  My bowels were responding better after the treatments, too.  I highly recommend seeing her for your own sense of well being.  Also, she's extremely gentle with the needles and her bedside manner is very calming.
-Marta G.

Rebecca has helped me so much. I was striggling with weight loss - I had been working out and dieting for 10 weeks and only lost 2lbs. After starting with Rebecca, I started losing 1lb a week for 6 weeks. I feel like my body is much more in balance since coming to see her. She has also helped me with hot flashes. I hardly ever get them since I've been seeing her.                                                                                                                        -Stacey D.