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Call Us Today for a Free Consultation!
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Her Mission
Rebecca has seen people brought from a 9/10 pain level to no pain at her office in one treatment. She has seen her clients loose weight and start healthy lifestyles. She knows oriental medicine is powerful and can help so many people if only they knew about it. Rebecca has taken it as her mission to educate as many people as possible about how wonderful this medicine is and how complimentary it is to western medicine.
Her Story:
I wasn’t always in shape to climb 14ners and ride 11 hour mountain bike races.  When I started college I started gaining weight.  I felt sad a lot and to feel better I would eat.  I craved sweets.  Cookies, cake and chocolate were my therapy.  By the time I got married at 21 I was in a size 14.  Two children later, I was 200+ lbs and was still depressed.  I didn’t have enough energy to play with my children.  Some days just getting out of bed was a chore.  I hit rock bottom one day when I was dropping my son at kindergarten.  We were standing in line and he looked around and asked me, “Mommy, why are you fatter than all the other mommies?”  The final straw came soon after when my mother-in-law lost weight and gave me her “fat clothes” that she didn’t need anymore. 
That’s when I decided things had to change.  My neighbor suggested I go see her acupuncturist.  I have to admit I was skeptical.  I’m a scientist at heart.  I like to research and I love to learn how things work.  I didn’t know how it was going to help me, but after the 10th time my neighbor suggested her acupuncturist, I made an appointment.  That was the beginning of my new happy, healthy life.
The first thing that I noticed with treatment was that I felt happier and had more energy.  It was like my brain fog lifted and I could feel the sun shining on me.  With my new outlook, I was able to change my diet.  I cut out processed food and started losing weight.  Soon, I was able to play tennis and go to spinning classes.  I was feeling so much better, but I would run into plateaus where my body would adjust to my new lifestyle and hold onto the weight I still had left to lose.  I found acupuncture was just the thing to rev up my metabolism and get back on track with my health.
As I look back on those years in my 20s and 30s I realize I was anxious and depressed.  I wasn’t dealing with my emotions.  I was just stuffing them deep down with cookies and chocolate.  I was so depressed I didn’t realize how sick I was and what that was doing to my body.
I decided I wanted to help others with their anxiety and weight loss.  I spent 3 ½ years learning Traditional Chinese Medicine and then opened my own practice in 2012.  Every day I go into my clinic I am happy to help others like I was helped through this medicine.  To see the transformation people go through in just one session is amazing and I truly feel blessed to be a part of so many people’s lives.

Rebecca Wilson, L.AC.

Is a nationally-certified acupuncturist licensed to practice in the state of Colorado since 2012. She has logged almost 3,000 hours learning traditional Chinese medicine at Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 800 of those hours were spent in the student clinic treating clients under the supervision of practitioners with a widely varied background to give her extensive experience treating each client as an individual.
Rebecca specializes in stress and anxiety. This includes work with health problems related to stress and anxiety like high blood pressure, headaches/migraines, IBS, ulcers and insomnia.
Rebecca’s own style is gentle and intuitive as she guides your body to heal itself. By combining energy work with ancient medicine she raises your body's vibration to a healing level. This creates a platform for incredible change. 

Her philosophy:
A person’s health is ever changing due to emotions, weather, genetics, stress, lifestyle, nutrition and many other factors. The client is treated according to how they present themselves at each visit. By addressing the root cause of a disharmony, greater health can be achieved, than just addressing symptoms. The strength of using traditional Chinese medicine is that it treats the whole person, not just a disease.
Rebecca has a passion for Chinese herbal medicine and believes it is important to bridge the gap between acupuncture treatments and to help nourish the body, so it is better able to heal itself. Because this medicine is gentle and natural, remedies sometimes take longer to take effect, but the client can count on virtually no side-effects.
Rebecca likes to educate her patients and give them homework, so they take an active part in their healing. 
Join her Mondays at 08:30 AM at Inner Connections Yoga for free meditation.
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Rebecca Wilson L.Ac.
Rebecca takes pulses to gather information for a Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis.